Warsaw September 19-22, 2021



A Conference of the Church in Central and Eastern Europe

Marek František Drábek  O.Praem.

Marek František Drábek O.Praem.

Father Marek František Drábek is a member of the Premonstratensian Order and hospital chaplain. Since 2014 he has exercised spiritual guidance and support for the victims of sexual abuse by priests and others. She created her YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa5XmD4S6j1YyUDwEynjmmg, where she posts victim testimonies and explains how sexual abuse works, the consequences of sexual abuse and how to help survivors. He lectures on safety in schools, seminars, parishes, etc. He is also active in the field of ecumenism giving conferences and consultations. He writes magazine articles on CSA prevention and gives interviews and media interviews. Collaborate with other specialists and survivors whose experiences give them a deeper understanding of the problem, making them true “specialists”.